9-10th November 2012

Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal

The main objective of this conference is to promote a transversal discussion amongst scholars over a wide scope of subjects that war embraces, or somehow has effect on.

Sociologists, anthropologists, historians, religious, writers, archaeologists, military, and other areas of expertise have their place in this discussion around the social images of war.

The conference will concentrate around the following subjects, each one held on an individual session:

1 – Explaining war

2 – Ideologies and war

3 – Warfare and social structures

4 – Warfare, wealth and territories

5 – Representations of war

Papers on both case studies, fieldwork, and theoretical approaches to the above referred areas are welcome.

The official language of the conference is English, however papers in Portuguese, Spanish and French will be accepted.

Papers will be double peer reviewed prior to acceptance for publication.


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