Conference proceedings will be published in the form of both printed book and eBook.

Each individual author is entitled to one free hard copy of the conference proceedings in addition to PDF offprint of the article.

However authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers in English, papers in Portuguese, Spanish and French are accepted for publication.


(in progress)

01 —"The Sword of the Lord and Gideon": Holy War in the Carolina Backcountry, 1780-1782.

02 —Images of death in warrior communities.

03 — "Power and “war”: from prevention to European defense".

04 —Spaces of love and war.

05 —War museums.

06 —Fighting for God? Ideologies underlying the "war on terror".

07 —Nem Paz, nem Guerra.

08 —Sharing Maps of War and Peace: Assessing the Carter Administration’s Mental Maps of the Middle East.

09 —The final years of the African War and the captains of the closure: individual discourses.

10 —An inconvenient relation: democracy and war.

11 —Rui Nunes: figurações da morte.

12 —Warfare and Captive-Taking in Non-State Societies: Ideology and Social Power.

13 —El norte de Portugal durante las guerras cántabras. ¿Una base de operaciones militares en territorio bracarense?

14 —Heroísmo e patriotismo na poesia popular épica sérvia do ciclo do Kosovo.

15 —La Guerra en la Civilización Maya. Una reflexión historiográfica.

16 —A Guerra de Cerco e a Iconografia nos Finais da Idade Média.

17 —The Geography of War in the 21 Century.

18 —A Batalha de Toro revisitada.

19 —The status of a city at War: The East Jerusalem case.

20 —Islamic Law Perspectives on War and Post-War.

21 —Organização territorial e milícias municipais no processo da reconquista.

22 —Between war and legend: rethinking a myth surrounding the conquest of Lisbon (1147).

23 —La guerra de las Malvinas en la literatura argentina.

24 —The Importance of Cultural Awareness in Contemporary Warfare. Middle Eastern and Islamic Culture Lessons.

25 —The role of the Knights Templar in the process of militarization and settlement in the Middle Tagus in the second half of

          the 12th century.

26 —The Information Warfare: how it can affect us.

27 —Imagem e violência simbólica na arte contemporânea.

28 —No need of war bonnets, bows and arrows – “Aboriginal Youth: Warriors in the Present Day”.

29 —Manda quem pode, obedece quem deve: Alguns aspectos psicossociais da guerra.

30 —Imagery of silence and voices in Joy Kogawa and Roy Miki's fictional texts.

31 —Amerindian warfare and symbolism in the light of the iconography of ancient Peruvian textiles.

32 —Factors responsible for health problems in women and girls during warfare: The case of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

33 —Headhunting: past and (nearly) present.